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Nonato – O Som e O Balanco de Nonato (1975)

Som/Copacabana SOLP 40670
Here is the complete, previously two times by Depositfiles‘ checker rejected album byNonato.
Well, it is quite a mystery: This time I uploaded the individual tracks to identify thus the eventual Polar Bear or several of such.
But, all files, uploaded two days ago, are still intact and stored on server. How it is possible, I don’t know, but the only way to present this album to you is the tremendously popular file by file download method. To circumvent the long waiting times between downloads, it is usually enough to switch of your modem and switch it on after that. This changes, in most cases, your IP address.
Enjoy the individual downloads and enjoy after that pleasure these tracks:
01. Cafuá (Júnior / Oberdan Oliveira)
02. Tambor de Crioula (Júnior / Oberdan Oliveira)
03. Chic-samba (Dam)
04. Do Terreiro (Dam / Pitomba)
05. Futuca-cutuca (Pitomba / Dam)
06. Na Ponta da Língua (Júnior / Ronald)
07. A Pamonha do José (Júnior / Carlos Gomes)
08. Chegadinho (Pitomba / Dam)
09. Janela (Pitomba / Dam)
10. O Gênio (José Américo)
11. I Love You (Dam)
12. Morada (Dam)
Créditos: Pedro & 300discos
EDIT by Milan Filipović:
A short time after publishing this post, when the track by track downloading started, the Polar Bear got finally identified:
It is track Cafuá which was probably included in a compilation CD…
So, here is the zip with all files except for track 1:
11 OUT OF 12  New link

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