segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2012

Shana - You Can't Get Away (1990)

Hello my friends! I’m back with this classic from 1990. It’s Shana Petrone’s “You Can’t Get Away”. When I first heard this song when I was a kid I didn’t like it, I don’t know why, haha, but now I think is a cool one.
Also, I have the “I Want You” album, but it is the Mexican pressing. Curiosly it was pressed on CBS/Sony Music, not on Vision Records. Hope soon post one or two tracks of the album.
Well, for now, enjoy this record & all the versions. Like I did before with other records, 2 songs are on the same link; in this case, side B is on one link, because both songs come together.
Have a nice week my friends, God bless you.

Side A

You Can't Get Away (Radio Hot Remix)

You Can't Get Away (Extended Hot Remix)

You Can't Get Away (Radio Edit (LP Version))

Side B

You Can't Get Away (Technomix Part 1 Vocal)
You Can't Get Away (Technomix Part 2 Dub)

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leadvox disse...

Parabens Gilberto.Eu tinha este disco e acabei de entrar no 4shared pra recordar as musicas dela.Obrigado mesmo.