sexta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2011

Little Suzy - Randy (1988)

Galera esse parece que foi o primeiro disco gravado por Lil' Suzy. This one was released on the year I was born, that's right, 1988, hehehe.
This one is an excellent song produced by Andy Tripoli & remixed by The Latin Rascals. My record has some scratches but however, it plays OK. Oh, the edits on side A are really really cool, I know you will like this single.
OK, see you friends, & if I don't see you again before December 24th, have a Very Merry Christmas, God bless your family, the people you love & of course God bless you.

Side A

Randy (Club Version)

Side B

Randy (Dub Version)

Randy (Edited Version)

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