domingo, 4 de novembro de 2007

Angela Garcia - Sounds Of Heartbreak (DJ Gilberto Soares Melody Mix)

Mais uma produção na batida Funky Melody.

Espero que a galera curta e deixe o comentário.

Um abraço a todos.
Letra da Música Sounds Of Heartbreak
I wanna know how much can one girl stand I wanna know how much can one girl take If you don't stop breaking us down We'll here the sounds of heartbreak You tell me that nothings wrong But I can see it in your eyes You just can't face the truth And I don't wanna see you I don't wanna see you cry If you don't feel the way you felt for me before Why don't you just pack your bags And walk right out the door
Chorus (2x)
I don't know whats going on But I've sensed the change in you You say I don't treat you the same And I don't know what to I don't know what to do But if you really care for me Then thats a choice you'll make Just love me or leave me now Cause my hearts about to My hearts about to break
Chorus (2x)
You know your the one for me And I don't want to lose your love (Don't want to lose your love) From the moment I saw you baby You've been the one, I'm dreamin of
Chorus (2x)

E ouça a Rádio Freestyle Brasil que é show de bola.

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